January 6, 2009

How many of us have a real sympathy for the final closure of Woolworths?

From US store to British bastion of retail goodies and oddities, Woolworths has provided 100 years* of UK shopping but all good things must come to an end… so they say… or should they?

Isn’t it a bit amazing that all those people were saying “poor Woolworths” while ‘raiding’ the shop for any bargain they could place their hands on. Had those very same shoppers paid the same attention to Woolworths when it was open, it may actually never have closed!

The phenomenon is, that people (shoppers) are so set on getting bargains that they have given no consideration to being the asset strippers of a century old business. To the extent that shops have even been relieved of fixtures and fittings in the closing down sales.

Perhaps it also time to consider the staff who have valiantly worked during Christmas knowing that their 2009 employment was going to be short-lived… Would you have done the same?

Instead of bemoaning the loss of the things we hold dear, perhaps it is time to reflect on the support small and now larger businesses require to stay open. We could be appreciating the wonder of Woolies rather than wondering where Woolies went.

*The chain’s first British store was opened by American FW Woolworth in Liverpool in 1909.

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