April 27, 2012

The Secrets of the Chess Machine by Robert Lohr takes you back to Vienna 1770, and brings you an intriguing fictional adaptation, based on the true story of a legendary invention. In what should maybe be considered one of the world’s greatest deceits, alongside the Wooden Horse of Troy, you are introduced to The Mechanical Turk, an invincible chess playing ‘machine’.

Drawing on history and the struggle to retain recognition amongst the Pressburg nobility, Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen sets off on an extraordinary path to develop artificial intelligence. The result is a machine that attracts attention across Europe for its uncanny power to defeat opponents but with it also comes a mistrust and enemies.

Von Kempelen, driven by his pursuit of recognition, embarks on a journey that can only lead to a check mate. Using seduction, blackmail, and skill, the secrets of the chess machine are created and unleashed on an unsuspecting and receptive audience, but what lies inside?

Lohr captures a sense of period and mystique, developing a suspenseful and often wonderous story to captivate the reader.

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Last updated: May 5, 2012 at 11:00 am