September 14, 2010

When you think you’ve had a bad year or ten, it may be worth considering the trials and tribulations of George Michael’s life. From teeny-bopper heartthrob to prison… an all to familiar story of fame and fortune leading to heartache and despair.

Today, George Michael reached an all time low when he was sentenced to 8 weeks in prison. Not a long time but still not what I’m sure he had planned for the next few weeks.

There’s absolutely no doubt that he only has himself to blame and this isn’t about the sympathy vote for a fallen star. It is however a warning sign to everyone about watching someone slip into a difficult life.

It needs to be remembered that George Michael was devastated lost his lover to Aids in 1993, a start of a slippery slope that has been a slow but almost constant decline. It was another four years before he publicly admitted to being gay after being arrested in a Los Angeles park. In 1997 he also lost his mother to cancer.

The years since 1993 have seen little in terms of major success (a relative thing in the entertainment industry) despite an album and returning to tour.

Having lost his driving licence for 5 years, there’s hopefully no chance of being pulled up again by the police while in charge of a motor vehicle but let’s hope this doesn’t just push him further into a private world and a downward spiral. Again, it is the choice of George Michael how he lives his life but if this was anyone associated with you, let’s hope you’d keep a careful eye on them and try to ensure their life didn’t deteriorate further.

George, enjoy it when you come outside again!

Last updated: September 21, 2010 at 10:22 pm