August 7, 2010

A team at the University of Buffalo have determined that having a tongue piercing may damage your teeth… Quelle surprise!

Having undoubtedly spent great time and resource, the researchers determined that consistent pressure from a metal bar against the back of teeth can cause a gap to open up or even chip teeth and cause infection. Not being a medical journal, perhaps it is too cynical to report that this is hardly surprising and anyone who deems this a fashion accessory (or any of any other benefit) should actually be left to their own devices and maybe even denied free medical treatment given the cost of tongue piercings versus the cost of corrective treatment.

In recent years, other reported side-effects of tongue piercing have included haemorrhages, infections, gum trauma and brain abscesses. It would seem sensible to conclude that a University study of the effect on teeth may have been a bit irrelevant given the other issues.

Last updated: September 21, 2010 at 10:14 pm