January 10, 2009

Israel continue their offensive (in both meanings of the word) activities in Gaza despite requests for a ceasfire.

It is somewhat sad that one nation can continue to attack another in this way while the world stands back and says “please don’t do that” or “we’re quite disappointed”.

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January 4, 2009

When is an invasion not an invasion? When it’s a ‘ground offensive’!

Israel have forcibly entered the Palestinian Gaza Strip but no-one wants to use the dreaded I-word.

When Western forces entered Iraq and Afghanistan uninvited they were classed as Invaders but for reasons best known to some Western politicians and journalists this ‘justifiable’ show of agression is not an invasion of another country.

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December 31, 2008

After a Christmas of over-indulgence, Israel have today rejected a request for a short period of abstinence and recovery.

While the Jewish New Year is still someway ahead, the International community obviously thought the avoidance of any further hangovers during this ‘festive’ period would be a welcome respite.

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