August 2, 2010

US President, Barack Obama, has announced he is bringing the war in Iraq to a ‘responsible end’. By August 31st, the US troops will cease “combat operations” with 15,000 troops withdrawing from the country.

If it’s that easy then why didn’t he just say so before? What he actually means is that the US plan to stop fighting but 77% (50,000) of the US troops will remain in Iraq for almost another 18 months and there’s no definitive withdrawal at the end of 2011. Troops will remain to advise Iraqi forces and ‘protect US interests’.

It seems difficult to understand how you can leave troops in a country in this manner but not expect hostility and potential conflict in the meantime. Will the US troops simply allow themselves to be shot at or bombed? This would assume that ‘self-defence’ in a foreign country is acceptable and, yet again, the definition of war and invasion are questionable.

Last updated: August 2, 2010 at 8:48 pm