February 5, 2018

The release, in the US, of a controversial classified House Intelligence Committee memo last Friday (2nd February) has done nothing to settle suggestions for or against links between Donald Trump and Russia.

Significant Evidence?

The most surprising aspect of the memo was maybe how little new information the memo provided, as it confirmed many details already reported in the public domain. Suggestions that national intelligence was undermined by the declassification of the document seem somewhat far-fetched when someone with an average interest in the story would already have been aware of many details.

What is surprising is that, despite the constant accusations of the US law enforcement and justice agencies, no significant evidence has yet been produced to support the suggested Russian meddling in the 2016 US election or the links between Trump’s campaign and Russia.

A threat to National Security?

Although it is speculative to make any suggestion about the ongoing investigations, surely it would be remiss, at best, to leave someone in charge of a country such as the United States if proof existed about their integrity or a possibility existed that they could divulge information to foreign governments about national security?

During the election campaign and throughout the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, there have been repeated attempts to question his integrity, purpose and suitability to head the US but, to date, there appears to be a lack of substance or evidence to substantiate this mindset.

What Did Carter Page Do?

The Intelligence Committee memo, has been viewed as a way in which to deflect from the Russia investigation into Trump’s election but, in truth, it only relates to the surveillance and investigation of Carter Page, who had some involvement with the Trump election campaign.

As this surveillance is now known to the world at large then it would have to be hoped that the FBI did their job over the period they sought to obtain evidence. This being the case, again, it would be hoped the FBI had some detailed information to expose Carter Page’s dealings – if there has been any wrongdoing – and to charge someone with whatever espionage they have committed.

But, as yet, as with all the claims about the election, the evidence has yet to be delivered and the suggested guilty parties charged.

Full Term Presidency?

Maybe, as a result of too many spy thrillers it is too easy to simplify the process of surveillance and counter-surveillance, or the need of government agencies to delve and uncover the truth behind spy networks but, at this rate, President Trump will complete his term as US President – presumably under the watchful eye of the intelligence authorities – even if it were possible that he has something to hide?

Last updated: February 5, 2018 at 11:48 am