May 7, 2012

Politics and, specifically, elections make the top news today. Confusion reigns around Europe as voters choose the protest vote, at least where choice is respected. In sport, the season’s are drawing to a close with finales in football and world snooker.



Francois Hollande overcomes Nicolas Sarkozy to win the French Presidential election. Mr Hollande becomes the first Socialist French president in a little over 30 years and has the potential to introduce a refreshing approach to the Eurozone financial crisis.


Austerity measures are obviously not considered a wise inclusion on your political manifesto in Greece. The Greek coalition lost it’s majority. With votes split across the two main parties, New Democracy and Pasok, and the new Syriza party another coalition will be needed. With little money and little chance of a major change in Greece’s immediate fortunes, this could lead to chaos and new elections sooner than expected.


The formality of Vladimir Putin being reinstated as the ‘new’ Russian President took place on Sunday. Returning to the role after four years as Prime Minister, the re-election has been controversial with concerns about voting irregularities. Protests are said to have continued in Moscow but the protester’s voice is likely to change anything in the near future.


Amongst the first to congratulate Mr Hollande was David Cameron, a man much in need of some friends after last week’s UK council election results. After two years in power, the Conservatives are implying they’ll start do what the people voted for. Unfortunately this looks like another piece of political spin while David and his Merry Men attempt to reform the political landscape of constituencies and the House of Lords to ensure they win another election.



The Premier League title goes to the last weekend with Mark Hughes and Martin O’Neill stating “the title isn’t over yet”. No, sorry that’s Sir Alex Ferguson and Roberto Mancini of that opinion though the destiny for Manchester United and Manchester City is in the hands of Sunderland and QPR respectively in the final round of matches.

The relegation battle continues to go to the wire too with Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan and QPR fighting to stay up.


Ronnie O’Sullivan goes into the final day of the World Snooker Championship with a 10-7 lead over Ali Carter. The ‘Rocket’ has retirement in mind again and could be considering a fourth title as his swansong. Tenacious Carter is putting up a fight despite a poor showing on Sunday.

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