April 30, 2012

Surface-to-air missiles are potentially to be deployed for the London 2012 Olympics as a defence against terrorist attack. We’ve all heard of extreme sports but is this extreme security?

Over the years there have been some spectacular ceremonies at Olympic Games but you won’t be wanting to see the fireworks of missile launches at London 2012.

This could be a huge bluff call by the Ministry of Defence but if it has any truth or intention then the question arises as to why the UK would even contemplate holding an event that carries such risk?

This certainly brings a perspective to the recent Formula 1 safety concerns around the Bahrain Grand Prix? Security and protection are one thing but is the UK really operating at such a heightened state of alert as to require specific military operations on this scale?

As a resident at one proposed missile location suggested, a missile hitting a target above any area of London is likely to have a fairly destructive effect in itself from falling debris.

In the current climate, of instability in several countries, and the continual threats from terrorism, it is understandable that security is high and the welfare of athletes, spectators and residents is taken seriously but what would the ancient Greeks have to say about it? Didn’t they call a truce to compete at Olympia?

With sport becoming so intrinsically affected by politics it is maybe time to reconsider which should take precedence.

Last updated: May 4, 2012 at 1:49 pm