August 24, 2010

The debate continues for another year…

Are children getting more intelligent? Are education and exams getting simpler? or, is it a case that nobody can do percentages?

It seems a strange phenomenon that more children achieve GCSE pass grades (A*-C up 2% in 2010) and that each year there is a rise in A and A* passes (up 1% in 2010), when there is constant criticism of the standards of education and teacher’s performance. This concurs with the increased pass rate for A level students announced last week.

The pass rate has risen each year for an incredible 23 years despite social and economic changes, classroom disruption, inclusion and the alleged stress that pupils claim to be experiencing.

Even stranger is that some schools are allowing pupils to take GCSE and AS level exams a year earlier so are educational standards rising? If education was improving then why doesn’t this reflect in a more intelligent and mature society? And, why aren’t we overrun as a nation with high quality doctors, teachers and scientists to reflect this superb academic achievement? Instead we have hundreds, if not thousands, of pupils advancing to degree courses in subjects such as Business Studies or Media Studies.

On the other hand it could be poor marking and adding up that’s causing the problem… no-one seems to be able to work out percentage calculations these days anyway!

For anybody wanting assistance with percentages:

(Amount/Total Available) x 100 = percentage result (where Amount = Passes and Total = Total Entries)

However, for another year, let’s offer our congratulations to those who have received their results and can now advance to Further Education. Need to be nice to them because one day, one of them might be Prime Minister!

Last updated: December 5, 2010 at 6:49 pm