September 6, 2010

…but probably not half as much as Wayne Rooney, the Pakistan Cricket Team, John Higgins and Sarah Ferguson!

They say “what goes round, comes round” and the News of the World look in-line for a dose of their own medicine as a result of the ‘new’ evidence about their phone hacking exploits.

The issue is probably far simpler though because while the News of the World tout themselves as a modern day Batman and Robin, driving out society’s cheats and scoundrels, they are actually the cause of these criminal or unsavoury stories.

Not to condone the behaviour of any of the aforementioned but where bribery and corruption was prominent in three cases it was actually the News of the World that was acting illegally in offering money to achieve something criminal or underhand.

So finally, the paper’s actions are being reinvestigated in relation to phone tapping… a highly illegal activity! Having previously had journalists identified as operating outside reasonable boundaries it looks like they’ve fought the law but the law might win this time. Resorting to illegal and underhand activities is possibly commonplace in the media world but shouldn’t the media be reporting what happens not creating news? Call us naive and old-fashioned but we remember when the News of the World was simply titillation and scandal… well there’s still a Wayne Rooney story to read unless he was set-up?

Last updated: September 6, 2010 at 7:52 pm