August 24, 2012

This site does not contain any photos of Prince Harry naked – we don’t want to see them either!

Quick Joke: Rupert Murdoch, Lord Justice Leveson and Prince Harry walk into a bar… it was a private bar! But it’s alright, we have the photos!

The publication of photos from a private party held by Prince Harry throw down a gauntlet to the Leveson Inquiry, press standards and most of all the behaviour of ruthless, selfish, greedy opportunistic, profiteering individuals.

If the Conservative government were ever looking to create growth in the economy then this must be it. Armed with a phone camera, it seems that an invite to a party could give you the opportunity to take some dubious quality photos of a private, yet potentially embarrassing situation and sell them to the media without fear of reprisal or need for contrition.

Amusingly, the media have the right to protect their sources, so they can remain private, but if a journalist were to be personally responsible for taking these photos it would be in breach of UK press standards. Looks like the media will now just employ unscrupulous individuals to do their dirty work for them.

This should be a warning to every individual on the planet who has anything they’d rather not have seen, such as dangly, floppy or otherwise private bits!

While we may not all be celebrities or dignitaries, it would seem the publication of these images defines what is “in the public interest” as being simply nudity in a private situation. Photos of this nature were once the domain of peeping toms or seaside titillation but now mainstream media can justify their publication.

A dangerous precedent is being set here in terms of what constitutes Press Freedom but sadly, it is the viewer who needs to be accountable. For as long as people are prepared to buy papers and ‘sponsor’ the likes of News International, they will carry on filling your days with trivial, invasive ‘news’.

Perhaps Prince Harry should have image rights and the media can then pay him for publication.

Last updated: August 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm