August 16, 2012

With much speculation about the long term fate of Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks and currently a fugitive from justice, we ask the question as to why the UK government would consider a potential diplomatic incident with Ecuador?

If we state that there is a case to be answered by Mr Assange, to determine his guilt or innocence for alleged assault and rape charges, then why isn’t the Swedish government taking the lead and negotiating with Ecuador about their decision to temporarily allow refuge from the UK authorities?

After the furore from the recent ‘Swedish’ teddy bear propaganda parachutists in Belarus, it would seem that a hard line by Sweden would be the right action. Withdrawing and/or expelling diplomats, as in the Belarus incident, or some other form of political statement should surely be considered by Sweden?

So, why is the UK suggesting it’s prepared to upset the apple cart and enforce a vague and disruptive legislation over a crime, that while serious, doesn’t have any bearing on the UK legal system? Yes, Mr Assange broke his bail conditions but the UK authorities have no intention of keeping him in the country to face charges related to that.

The biggest question is where is the pressure coming from to get Mr Assange into Sweden?

The conspiracy theorists will be writing books for many years on the Assange case, especially if an extradition to Sweden does eventually take him to the US to face charges regarding the Wikileaks publications. Mr Assange himself could cause more than a diplomatic stir if his forecasts were to come true.

Hypothetically, if Ecuador did offer asylum and Mr Assange left the country, would the UK authorities still take it on themselves to resolve the issue or would they do the right thing and leave it to the Swedes?

Last updated: August 16, 2012 at 11:31 am