May 8, 2012

As European politics becomes a minefield of uncertainty and dissatisfaction, David Cameron and Nick Clegg appear to be on the brink of bringing some lighthearted relief. ‘Relaunching’ their coalition commitment the political ‘double-act’ have undoubtedly shown a lack of understanding of the country’s opinion or the needs for its long term future.

From a Downing Street rose garden in 2010 to an Essex tractor factory in 2012, they may find that while the coalition launch had them smelling of roses, the relaunch is likely to smell of something like manure.

After two years surely it’s time to start listening to the electorate and give some consideration to what they need.

There is no doubt that times are financially difficult but they knew this when they ‘usurped’ power. It’s commonsense that the problems won’t go away quickly. So sticking to the policies announced two years ago may be admirable but… they’re not working!

1. To achieve anything, especially long term, in politics you need the support of your country.
2. The support of your country means they’ll vote for you.
3. If they vote for you then you get time to resolve the problems.

The anti-thesis of this is lose the country, lose the election, make the country a bigger mess.

The continued insistence of the government that everything they’re doing is “necessary”, and that they’ll just carry on, is proving detrimental.

It’s time for the government to be honest and accept there are no new jobs or new ‘magical’ sources of income. Cutting public spending is increasing unemployment, in both the public and private sectors, and benefits.

Over the next 10 years, the UK population is expected to grow significantly. It is not a ‘short term’ solution to cutting debt that’s required but a long term strategy for managing wages, housing costs, pensions, education and healthcare. Nothing too complicated!

The current government strategy is bordering on laughable by simply confirming “tough times” and offering nothing by way of explanation or proposal to do anything that could be considered positive.

The sad thing is that the Labour Party no longer offer anything alternative but they have three years left to think of a good punchline. But, two years on and the Cameron and Clegg show still generates more mirth than a Christmas comedy special. That’s the way to do it!!

Last updated: May 8, 2012 at 10:33 pm