April 28, 2012

David Cameron again showed his decisive side today by choosing to do nothing. In the ongoing debate about Jeremy Hunt‘s involvement in the BSkyB takeover, a statement from Downing Street says the Prime Minister “would of course act” if there is any suggestion that ministerial code has been breached.

Far from achieving anything positive, this stand adds an element of mystery to the world of Conservative politics. Since when has an inquiry into media ethics ever been overriding of an internal party, or government, enquiry into the acts of a government minister?

The truth may out, but if Jeremy Hunt really has acted with “total integrity” then how can this influence the Leveson Inquiry? The truth can surely only support his testimony or, if it can’t, the Government should be acting immediately to deal with anything deemed untoward.

In what has become a somewhat murky public affair since Vince Cable‘s ‘declaration of war’ on Rupert Murdoch‘s proposed BSkyB takeover, this does nothing to support the alleged transparency that Mr Cameron claims is essential to politics.

Restoring faith, or even achieving faith for the British public, following an increasing number of government related ‘scandal’ should surely be the priority of David Cameron especially during the week of the London Mayor and Assembly elections. Instead, a cloud will continue to hang over the government while the Leveson Inquiry continues to roll on.

Last updated: April 28, 2012 at 10:18 pm