December 2, 2010

With the focus on the damage BBC caused to England’s 2018 World Cup bid, it would appear that a much more relevant Panorama documentary would have focussed on the bid’s blatant emotional blackmail and manipulation of human emotions and understanding.

Without doubt, England offer an infrastructure to host a World Cup that includes stadia, transport, facilities and security but in a final bid presentation today there was two things lacking…

– National Identity… Where were the three lions and the british bulldog spirit?
– Financial statistics… Where does the money come from and is the legacy really sustainable?

While a World Cup bid is now primarily a commercial decision, the whole England bid was focussed on the world’s poor and disadvantaged and what funding England would provide across the national and international community. This bid should have been about the roots of English football, not foreign managers and the overpriced football shirts of English clubs worn in ‘poor’ countries.

The contradictions were endless but the use of Prince William’s wedding and David Beckham’s grandfather’s death were outright underhand.

England is in the middle of recession but expects to raise huge funds to support grassroots football… will this save the country or change society? The bid demonstrated the disproportionate sums of money that not only provide modern stadia but attract greedy footballers from around the world. We are a country in debt with football clubs hovering on the edge of bankruptcy daily… where was this truth?

Using Manchester City repeatedly as a role model when it is funded by an Arab owner who has spent money that would probably benefit national debt more than benefits cuts (a slight exaggeration but this is a principle!) is an outrageous manipulation.

Are the FIFA executives blind to the potential failure of ‘Football United’ at the first sign of any financial crisis?

Is David Cameron expecting Britain to base it’s future on sport yet still consider cutting grassroots government spending on sport in education, etc.?

David Beckham has made an extortionate sum of money from football but he is one of a very select few, if not the only modern day player, to achieve such riches… a ‘Rags to Riches’ speech just brings false hope to the “billions” of youth who the English bid represented…

money can’t buy you love, nor talent, but maybe it can buy you a World Cup?

Last updated: December 3, 2010 at 8:23 pm