May 8, 2012

Chicken demonstrates at Blackburn Rovers, while Boxers try to demonstrate they’re not chickens.


Premier League

Blackburn Rovers finally succumbed to relegation last night following a 1-0 home defeat to Wigan that secured Wigan’s Premiership safety for another year.

After a long , fruitless fight Blackburn’s fate was sealed with a match to go. Blackburn remain the only team to have previously won the Premier League title and been relegated (now twice). The evening’s brightest moment involved a guest appearance by a protesting chicken. The chicken, wearing a Blackburn Rovers flag appears to take issue with Venky’s, Blackburn’s owners, treatment of it’s fellow fowl. The club’s security will now be reviewed for all future games and chicken beaks will be added to the list of sharp objects banned from the ground.


West Ham booked themselves a place in the play-off finale with a 3-0 home win against Cardiff City. Cardiff again see themselves falling short of the Premiership at the play-off hurdle.


Ronnie O’Sullivan completed a convincing win to take his fourth world snooker championship. Beating Ali Carter 18-11, an emotional O’Sullivan announced that he will be taking a six month sabbatical while he considers his future in the game.

Pressure to play in an increased number of world tour tournaments has brought a number of players to raise concerns about the personal demands imposed by recent changes to the game’s ranking system. Barry Hearn has compared this pressure on his star snooker players to that of the ordinary working man (and woman undoubtedly!). The new tough line approach may well backfire if players take the working man’s approach and effectively strike against Mr Hearn’s stricter regime.


David Haye vs Dereck Chisora

David Haye and Dereck Chisora are to renew their ‘rivalry’ but this time in a boxing ring. The bout that has had to be sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation because neither fighter is currently being taken seriously by the British Boxing Board of Control.

So, The fight that never would be is on. With neither boxer having anything to gain from this fight: Chisora without a BBBC licence following his recent antics and Haye, retired with no intention of returning must both have been enticed by the prestige for their careers! Well, maybe the money played a part. In what is almost guaranteed to end both careers for good, we can expect another mouthy, antagonistic and ungentlemanly demonstration of what boxing has become in recent years.

Assuming the British Boxing authorities don’t throw a legal ‘spanner in the works’ to restore their power, this will be another bout of fireworks at West Ham, with the fight planned for the 14th July at Upton Park in East London.

Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson

Amir Khan‘s rematch with Lamont Peterson is in doubt following the American’s positive drugs test. Unsurprisingly, the American is already protesting his innocence in the same manner he claimed a fair and unbiased win against Khan earlier this year. yet another shambles threatens to ruin the name and reputation of boxing without a punch being thrown.

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