May 8, 2012

In the battle of the search engines, perhaps it’s time for a new job search algorithm at Yahoo?

Investment firm and Yahoo shareholder, Third Point, is demanding an investigation into the appointment of chief executive Scott Thompson. Mr Thompson, who was named chief executive at the internet search business in January, has claimed a degree qualification on his CV that didn’t exist at the time. Yahoo suggested that Mr Thompson held a degree in accounting and computer science but, at the time of his graduation from Stonehill College, the latter subject was apparently unavailable.

Third Point have demanded that Yahoo explain themselves in detail, providing details of the recruitment vetting process and requesting that Mr Thompson is immediately sacked.

It would seem that Yahoo are missing a trick on the back of this ‘error’. Maybe it’s time to introduce Yahoo Job Search or a tie-up with LinkedIn to effect a smoother recruitment process?

At a time when Yahoo are seeking stability, it seems strange that a shareholder would want to rock the boat so openly and destructively. Perhaps one can only assume that Third Point have shares in Google or LinkedIn that might benefit from some reverse engineering?

Next time, I suggest that shareholders make use of their investment and do a bit more research in advance.

Finally, as an investment firm, how much do they trust in Yahoo Finance?

Last updated: May 8, 2012 at 2:47 pm