August 10, 2010

Not since the good old days of the goldrush has there been a more un-savoury fight over nuggets… There’s nothing quite like a McDonalds!

This took a while to make the news but on 1st January 2010, Melodi Dushane flew into a rage because she couldn’t order chicken nuggets. The drive-through in Toledo, Ohio was only serving breakfast and Ms Dushane took exception to not being able to start the day and the new year with a golden nugget!

After getting out of her car and assaulting the drive-through employee, Ms Dushane then took something from her car and smashed the serving window before driving off.

Melodi Dushane is reported to have been sentenced to 60 days in prison with three years probation and ordered to pay over $1500 to replace the damaged McDonald’s window. Not a very Happy Meal or Happy New Years Day!

Last updated: August 19, 2010 at 1:00 pm