August 8, 2010

There are, let’s say, many unusual ‘sporting’ challenges occurring around the world at any time but, as with most media, they only come to light when something negative occurs… as was the case with the recent US hot dog eating competition, but the 2010 World Sauna Championship has ended in tragic circumstances.

Russian finalist Vladimir Ladyzhensky and Finnish rival Timo Kaukonen both collapsed and were taken to hospital where Mr Ladyzhensky later died. THe pair are believed to have been treated for burns and police are investigating.

The ‘competition’ held in Finland since 1999 involves withstanding water temperatures of 110C for the longest time; something more akin to a Japanese game show than a sports event.

The question really, is why do people consider torturing themselves to be sporting? Around the world there are people charged with criminal offences for inflicting pain and suffering on others but if you do it to yourself is it just healthy competition?

DiscontiNEWS avoids negative news where possible but this is certainly one we have to report on the basis of “Don’t try this at home”.

Last updated: August 9, 2010 at 9:41 pm